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Jeremy Barber



Queen Anne Cottage

2 Forton



01264 720459






Civil servant.  

Member Longparish Parish Council for over 15 years.   Chair since 2001.   Member of village hall committee.   Member of the steering committee for the school/playgroup building project.   Formerly governor of Longparish School.   Founder member of two village charities, FoLS and Playgroup (where my wife Maggie is now supervisor).    Former chair and treasurer of FoLS.   Former treasurer of Hill and Valley.   I came to the village in 1980 to work in the newly opened Andover Tax Office.   A promotion took me to Head Office in London in 1991 and I have been a commuter since then but try to work from home a day a week.

Computer, digital camera.   Reasonably good at interpreting figures and written material.

Longparish is a great village but we need to plan or we'll just drift.   If we drift the population will get older as it gets be harder and harder for people to get onto the property ladder.   The population will decrease as households get smaller and our school, pubs, shop, hall and other village facilities will come under threat.

We need to plan for changes in working patterns including those caused by the electronic revolution and changes in farming methods.

The Countryside Agency's Vital Villages initiative gives us the opportunity to plan how to keep the best and improve the rest for our village.    The timing is right because TVBC are drafting the new Borough Local Plan.

Christine Beresford

3 Woodwalk Cottages, East Aston

01264 720421



Museum and heritage consultant

Communications, public consultation, project planning,. Experience of working with local Government departments. Have lived in Longparish for over 6 years.

To ensure that what's good about Longparish stays, and to help change what's not good.






Alix Bremridge

The Orchards, Forton

01264 720715



Artist & historian

A3 colour printer . A3 scanner. Digital camera (not smart!). Can create a website in Microsoft Frontpage. Generally computer literate. Graphic work. Experience in running projects,   teams and events.    Driving through reforms.   Marketing etc.

Family connections with Longparish all my life and lived here over 6 years.

A way to get the feel of the wishes of local residents of all ages. If nothing works, at least we will have tried our damnedest to drive things forward for the village!



Cheryl Dowler

61, North Acre

01264 720581



Communications Executive

Press liaison, interviewing, writing

I have joined the Village Plan Steering Committee to act as a channel in gathering information from the community on the enhancements it would like to see happen in future; to ensure those views are conveyed to the appropriate bodies, and to help implement the village's desired enhancements in due course.


Mary Jo Darrah

Saddler's Cottage, East Aston

01264 720320



Retired teacher

Knowledge of village from living here for 44 years and being involved with Parish Council & school.

Editor of Hill & Valley.   Historian. Scanner. Laserjet and colour printers.

It is a chance to influence the future of the village, in particular to try & secure the future of the existing facilities and to gain some low cost housing




Gloria Goodliffe

  Meadow View, Southside Road

  01264 720425


Retired primary school and special needs teacher. At present I manage let properties.

General communication and organisation skills. I enjoy interaction with people.    Minor computer skills. Ten years knowledge of Parish Council working with particular input on planning ,   footpaths and VDS. Member of Village Hall committee and active member of St Nicholas Wives Group.

Co-owner of PC, scanner and digital camera.

Becoming a member of this Committee is an ideal opportunity to be part of a group that will ensure that Longparish continues to be a viable village. I see the committee as the vehicle which enables liaison with villagers- seeking their views to move the village forward in a planned and democratic way.  




Fiona Gould



Cherry Tree Cottage, Forton

01264 720709


mob 07740 823106



Management consultant

Strategy; facilitation; process & project management. Experience in commissioning and conducting market research

Longparish website contributor and some experience of making things happen in Longparish with the Skate ramp & Youth shelter, which has also meant that I know most of the youngsters in the village.

A3 printer and laminator

Digital camera

This is a great opportunity to take positive action to maintain and enhance the life and vitality of the village. Doing nothing is unlikely to lead to improvement!

Revd. Nona Harrison

The Rectory, Longparish

01264 720215

Coming soon!

Parish Priest

Contacts with many people in Longparish. I know ‘most' people and am already doing a lot of visiting especially to those who may be under-represented in surveys. Also have experience of having done the “Way forward” campaign for the church recently involving similar questions.

Am very keen on reassessing what we are doing/providing etc as a village – doing nothing leads to backwards steps, I believe, as far as a thriving community is concerned.

I very much want to see how the church can combine efforts with other groups to enhance village life.






Andrea Hulme


Mike Johnson

The Croft, Longparish

01264 720441



Part-time Executive Search Consultant and part-time agent for European manufacturers

Some recent understanding of planning issues through the Parish Council.

Range of normal office facilities.

I have lived in the village a long time and sense that there is now a real determination amongst a broad group of people to protect and even improve the quality of village life. I would like to be part of that process.

At the same time there appears to be a new responsive environment at local government level that will be helpful to our own village initiatives.


Paula Vize

Walnut Tree House, Longparish

01264 720418



Artwork (non-computer)

Experience with PTAs; Ball & party organisation etc

You get out of life what you put in! A village does need maintenance to exist & grow into the future.


David Wright

Yew Tree House, Longparish

01264 720598




Business management; project management; strategic planning; problem analysis/problem solving; tactical planning; negotiating; enabling.

Opportunity to protect & enhance what's good and improve what's not so good in our village.







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