Transport Proposals – Progress Update and Action Plan




Progress Summary

Publicise and encourage the use of existing transport services, both from bus companies and other specialist providers

Parish Plan circulated to all households publicises the location of contact details for Longparish bus representatives   (in bus shelters) as well as contact details for Cango and Stagecoach buses, Andover Dial a Ride and Andover Neighbourcare.


Improve awareness of services that are or can be delivered to the village, such as prescriptions, library, groceries

Basic information in Parish plan, but more can be done

Encourage and facilitate car sharing locally

Informal networks are already operating; need to find way to formalise this (potentially with e mail groups)



Outstanding Actions

By whom?

By when?

Many of the issues identified in the Parish Plan are to do with communication. Link with the Parish Council Communications Committee to explore the different communication options (eg Hill and Valley, Directory, Shop, Notice boards, website…..) and decide on the most appropriate media.

Catherine with David Wright (Open Spaces) and Jeremy Barber


Set up an e mail/phone contact list for regular commuters going to Whitchurch rail station, to Winchester and to Andover for work.

Need a volunteer to take on each “route” and collect names


Ask all village-based organisations setting up meetings to include a “Need a lift?” contact details when they advertise their events.

C Sweet

By end Feb

Link with Community Association who are considering co-ordinating volunteers for giving lifts to the elderly. Consider setting up bulletin board area on website for those seeking transport

C Sweet and Fiona & David Gould

By mid-March

Put contact details for CANGO, Stagecoach buses, Andover Dial a Ride and Neighbourcare in Hill & Valley

C Sweet and David Gould

By mid-March

Need to identify what “mobile services” exist and then assess village demand for them

C Sweet and Community Association volunteers

By end June


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