Here is information which the parish council published about the flooding in 2014.

21 May 2014: Follow-up Notes

The Parish Council have produced a document entitled Notes on Longparish Flooding — December 2013 to March 2014

28 February 2014: Additional Advice and Information

The Parish Council have circulated an additional document containing supplementary information to that in the document of 12 February.

14 February 2014: Update

  • Minimise load on the sewer The main sewer is now inundated and sewage is leaking out in places so anything those households connected to it can do to reduce pressure on the system (by minimising the use of baths, washing machines, loo flushing, etc) and cut down the amount flowing into it will help to alleviate the situation and prevent worse problems later on.
  • Drive very slowly through floods Please be very careful and drive very slowly through floods on the road, in order to prevent creating bow waves that can exacerbate flooding problems in neighbouring properties, particularly now that there is sewage intermingled with the surface water in some places.
  • Advice on how to use sandbags This leaflet from the Environment Agency provides guidance on the effective use of sandbags to help minimise the impact of flooding. While some of it is more relevant for substantial flood barriers, the general advice on how to lay sandbags, the use of plastic sheeting and so on is of value.

12 February 2014: Advice

The Parish Council circulated this note about flooding on 12 February. It includes lots of useful information.


Owners of properties adversely affected by flooding may qualify for a reduction in council tax. In addition there may be help with work to improve flood resilence for the future. Details are here.



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