Miss Glossop's Weekend Break

CleaverIt was going to be a quiet weekend at The Old Town Hotel owned by Alan and Margaret Kennet.  Alan was hoping to spend some time with the sexy Russian waitress, Sonia.  But then some unexpected guests arrive including a couple called ‘Smith’ and Miss Glossop, the guest from Hell.  A row with French chef Jean-Pierre (great cook but bad temper) makes it worse.  And to cap it all there’s a murder. 

Miss Glossop ran from 19 to 21 November 2009.

Here you can see

      • Poster
      • Programme
      • Rogues Gallery
      • Photos taken at the dress rehearsal. These are unsorted but we thought you might like to see them now rather than wait for the final set. Thanks vey much to Martin Lampard for taking them and the sepia portraits in the rogues gallery.
      • Video to come

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