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The Seventeenth Stupendous Longparish Pumpkin Contest was on Saturday 19th October. You can see a gallery of pictures.

For more information contact Sylvia Crook on 720792 or Laura Wearn 720066.

Background Information

Here you can:

Do you have recipes or experiences you'd like to share. If so we can publish them here. Please email them to or phone Jeremy Barber on 720459.

Useful links

For hundreds of links just search on Atlantic giant pumpkin with Google . Don't try just searching on pumpkins by itself unless you are a real fan of a pop group called the Smashing Pumpkins.

Here are some of the links we liked best

some great pumpkin clip art but it takes a while to load

Pumpkin bullet blog of Ian Patton UK record holder

P and P seeds - the firm where we get the really special seed. It is easy to order on the Internet and they deliver quickly. But the seed is expensive and you must have permission from an adult to use a credit card on the net.

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